Bruce Lund


Bruce Lund and his company have invented some of the hottest toys and games on the market and he has been a constant champion of the industry for over 25 years.

Bruce Lund stumbled into the toy business, first getting hired as an inventor in the famed Marvin Glass & Associates studio, the firm behind some of the most successful toys of the 60’s and 70’s. Many of those same toys and games have stood the test of time, remaining on store shelves today. In 1984, with five years of experience under his belt, he started his own toy design and product invention company, licensing his first hit, Fireball Island, just two years later that put him on the map.

In the 25 years since, Lund has produced some of the hottest toys on the market, including TMX Elmo (Fisher Price), voted Toy of the Year in 2007, Vac-Man, nemesis of Stretch Armstrong (Cap Toys), Baby Alive Sip n Slurp (Hasbro), Tumble Time Tigger (Fisher Price), Color Etch a Sketch (Ohio Art), Honey My Baby Pony (Vivid Imagination), predicted to be a top 10 selling toy in Europe for the holidays, Little Mommy Baby Knows (Fisher Price), and many more.

When asked how he does it, Lund will tell you it’s a core set of beliefs that propel him to do his best work – and always believing that imagination changes everything. He wears many hats as a businessman and inventor, but he says his proudest “job” is being a father. When not travelling the world, or pitching the next best toy or invention, he resides in River Forest, IL with his family – his personal test market for the next big thing.

Bruce says that being nominated for this award is very humbling, especially since there are so many other greats in the industry. “But I have always believed in the power of toys to influence lives and change the world, and it is this undying commitment that I hope will be my legacy.”