Jeffrey Breslow


Jeffrey Breslow is a native of Chicago and attended the University of Illinois graduating with a BFA in Industrial Design in 1965. His first two years out of school he worked for American Hospital Supply Corporation in Evanston, Illinois designing medical equipment and supplies.

In 1967 he joined Marvin Glass and Associates toy design firm and began his 41 year career as a toy inventor. He became a partner at Marvin Glass in 1969. In 1976 he became the managing partner of the company, a position he held until Marvin Glass and Associates was dissolved in 1988 and Breslow Morrison Terzian and Associates was formed. In February of 1998, Mr. Breslow, along with his partners Howard Morrison and Rouben Terian, were inducted into the Toy Manufacturers of America Hall of Fame.

Jeffrey retired as president and CEO of Big Monster Toys (formerly Breslow Morrison Terzian and Associates) in 2008. His partner of 31 years, Don Rosenwinkel assumed the presidency of BMT. BMT is the largest independent toy design studio in the country,. Big Monster Toy;’s products are estimated to be in 80% of American households! Fashion Polly Pocket, Guesstures, Big Talk’n Bubba, Criss Cross Crash, Uno Attack, Helmet Heroes, Bulls Eye Bounce, and My Meebas are just a few of the BMT designs generating hundreds of millions in sales for the toy and game industry.

No longer designing toys, Jeffrey has become an accomplished sculptor. His latest work has transitioned from his earlier realistic bronze figures into those of a more abstract nature using big pieces of trees and granite boulders.

Several years ago he had his first public showing of his sculpture. It was a very successful fundraiser for The University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. The hospital has two of his pieces in their permanent collection. He is also an active outdoor individual dividing his time between downhill skiing, white water rafting, camping, hiking, horseback riding, marathon running (three of them), and sky diving (only once). His wife, Ginna, shares all of these loves and adventure (except the sky diving). For their honeymoon they rode horses in East Africa for two weeks running with herds of animals in Kenya.

Staying fit and active helps keep the right spirit to further his love of toys and games, sculpting and live. The secret as he is often fond of saying is to “never grow up”.

Jeffrey and Ginna live in the Chicago area and spend part of their time at their home in Vermont. He has three grown sons, Marc, Michael and Joey.