Stan Clutton

Recipient, In Memoriam, 2012

Equally at home discussing product concept, development, marketing, property and licensing acquisition, Stanley Truesdale Clutton wore many hats over many years – the most comfortable being the one that said “I Love New Product. Show Me Something We Can Do Together”.

I first met Stan on August 16, 1979 (easy to remember: my birthday), when he was heading up CBS Toys. Little did I know that I was about to meet someone who would become one of my closest, long-time friends in the industry.

Stan later went to Bandai, Galoob, and Playtime, looking for a toy home that fit him. He found that home when Fisher Price purchased Playtime, and Stan came along as one of their best assets.

Stan’s career is marked with success, one of the most notable being the “inside-guy” responsible for identifying and licensing TICKLE ME ELMO from its inventors. But to simply tie Stan to a great product, or even to a great company, is unfair. Stan was more than that.

He set the standard for working with inventors while maintaining his corporate position. As a close personal friend, I can say that he clearly knew how to draw the difficult lines between who he worked for, and who he worked with. Whether you agreed or disagreed with him, Stan did things honorably. We disagreed often, and that never once touched on our friendship. I loved Stan Clutton.

He enjoyed bike rides (we called them our “golf game”), great dinners, and fine wines. I think he might have liked cheap wines as well. Stan traveled better than anyone I ever met. He’d be in Iceland for a licensed property meeting, and the next night we’d be riding bicycles in Southern California.

He left us early, but left behind a great standard on how inventors and toy companies could work together. He loved his family, honored how his wife Dottie ran the home during his frequent absence, and was proud of his beloved daughter Jackie. He loved toys and the toy industry, and is worthy of our honor. We honor you, Stan.