Richard Borg

Nominee, Game Design, 2008

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Richard Borg has been designing games for over 30 years and credits over 50 titles. His career began with an idea for a game that was a variation of a game he played with his softball buddies, called “liars poker.” Richard self-published this first game called “Liars Dice.” Several years later in 1988, and after several attempts, Milton Bradley (now Hasbro, Inc.) licensed it as “Doubters Dice”. In 1993 “Liars Dice” was also successfully licensed by Ravensburger as “Bluff” and won the “Spiel des Jahres” award.

Following up his initial success were AD&D games (TSR), X-Men games (Pressman Toy) and another hit for Milton Bradley, Times to Remember. Battle Cry, winning the 2001 International Gamers Award and published by Avalon Hill (Wizards of the Coast) in 2000 was the see to many successive award winning titles using war game miniatures and mechanics that are very popular in the hobby market. Richard also enjoys card games, licensing Pig Pile to R&R Games, and Wyatt Earp to Rio Grande Games in 2001, which he developed with Mike Fitzgerald and received the Meeple’s Choice Award. Richard’s many award winning designs follow, including Hera & Zeus (Rio Grande), Memoir 44, which won the 2004 International Gamers Award and the Wargame 2004 for Excellence, published by Days of Wonder. Command & Colors: Ancients, published by GMT Games, took the 2006 Origins Award for Historical Board Game of the Year, whom he developed with fellow designers Pat Kurivial and Roy Grider.

In 2006, Richard began his successful BattleLore: Series, Earth Elemental; Call to Arms, Dwarven Battalion Specialist Pack, Goblin Marauders Specialist Pack and BattleLore: For Troll and Country. This fantasy-themed battle game series, BattleLore, originally published by Days of Wonder, is now in the Fantasy Flight Games line. Richard’s newest family game design, Yahtzee Free For All (Parker Brothers) is already receiving acclaim from the game community.