Bruce Lund

Nominee, Toy Design, 2008

Nominee, Toy Design, 2013 - Dino Construction Company

Recipient, Humanitarian Award, 2009


Bruce Lund has been a toy inventor and champion of the toy industry for over 30 years. He and his team at Lund and Company Invention have created some of the hottest products on the market, including the iconic Fireball Island, Baby Alive Sip n Slurp, vac-Man, TMX Elmo, Doggie Doo, and the new break-dancing phenomenon Master Moves Mickey! A zealous adenturer, Bruce recently returned from a two-week "Great Circle Tour of America" Harley ride to raise awareness of child hunger. He is an avid roller skater, weight lifter, bicyclist, sky/scuba diver, leather worker, bug collector, botanist, and most recently - published author of the book, "Everything I learned about business (and life), I learned playing with toys!"